Belief of Our common humanity

We believe scripture calls us to embody the two great commandments: to love God and to love your neighbors as yourself. We understand the word neighbor, used in this context, to mean humanity without division or subjugation. We are grateful for the rich diversity of our human family.

For this reason, we reject divisive, fear-driven voices of intolerance. Further, we offer our concern for the safety and wellbeing of all our neighbors, near and far, irrespective of faith, race or any characteristics by which some might attempt to devalue them. 

To this end, we extend our hands of friendship, in a spirit of respect and compassion to all, and hope and pray that followers of all faiths will embrace their own beliefs and traditions of tolerance and good will toward all.



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We are a community of ordinary people experiencing and embodying God's extraordinary love. 


We are a Christ-centered listening-learning community, embracing and accepting everyone, engaging the needs of our city through the grace of Jesus Christ, seeking ways to see, know, care for, and empower our neighbors as we welcome them home. 


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Salem First Presbyterian Church is a 148 year old congregation experiencing a season of spiritual renewal we call A Sacred Journey. Although we have a long history in the Greater Salem Area, we are experiencing a transformation. As we morph from traditional church to a missional community of faith, we shift from a congregation providing religious goods and services to a community of faith attempting to discern the places Christ invites us to join Him in the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. 

While God's transforming Spirit working in our fellowship is exciting and inspiring, it is also challenging as we are called to explore and risk new ways of being faithful, new ways of being in ministry, and new ways of being a community of faith. The key concept in this new life we share is being missional - the notion that we are called beyond our comfort and security to an adventure of discovering the presence of Christ in one another, in our neighbors and in "the least of these" we are called to serve. 

This missional journey is not a "turn-key" program, rather it is a lifestyle forged with our neighbors. Though acts of partnership of listening and discerning, we seek to be the Body of Christ in our neighborhoods. A significant piece of this missional journey is discovering the mystery of listening to the voice of Christ in scripture, in our hearts, our shared lives and through the voices of those around us who know too well the brokenness of our world. 

Although we are in the early stages of this missional journey we sense we are on an adventure that will transform us, and those who join us. So if you struggle with the trappings of organized religion then come along as we explore what Christ is doing in our midst through His refreshingly disorganizing and generative Spirit. We are a community in process, a place in transition and a people on the way.