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Dr. David Jensen

Dr. David Jensen has been teaching at Austin Seminary since 2001. He was elected a full professor in 2009, appointed to the Frierson Chair in 2013, and appointed academic dean in 2014. His teaching and research explore the interconnections between Christian theology and daily life. Dr. Jensen's books include Flourishing Desire: A theology of Human Sexuality (Westminster John Knox, 2012), Living Hope: The Future and Christian Faith (WJK, 2010); Graced Vulnerability: A Theology of Childhood (The Pilgrim Press, 2005); and in the Company of Others: A Dialogical Christology (Pilgrim, 2001). 


Modern Marriage is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the

biblical roots of marriage.

If you would like more information about the seminar, or have any questions about the schedule, event details, or topics of discussion - click the "more info" image to send an email to our event staff with your questions. We will try our hardest to answer all questions in a timely manner. 

If you would like to join us for the Modern Marriage seminary please click on the RSVP image and let us know how many to expect. The event is free, and you can change/update your RSVP at any time, but it is extremely helpful to have an accurate number for set up.

quick facts

[Q] When is Modern Marriage and how early do I have to get up?

[A] Saturday, January 23rd. The seminar will be from 10-3 with a break for lunch.

[Q] 10:00 AM? 

[A] Yep! But we'll have coffee, and there is a great coffee shop right across the parking lot (our staff know the way - and you'll probably have a friend or two if you need to make the trek across the parking lot). 

[Q] What is the plan for lunch?

[A] Everyone is on their own for lunch. We will provide a list of local restaurants near the church. We'll have from about 12:00-1:30 for lunch, so there is plenty of time to go somewhere and enjoy some conversation about what you're learning. 

[Q] I'm not Presbyterian, should/can I still come?

[A] YES! Please do! The goal of the seminar is to bring people of all backgrounds together to allow for deeper conversations and depth of challenge. The seminar will focus on questions and topics for Christians in general. Even if you're not a Christian, but you're curious what this crazy seminar is about, come join the conversation! 

[Q] Will I have to get a babysitter?

[A] NO! Our Children's Ministry team will be providing childcare. Please be sure to RSVP and mention that you'll be needing childcare and what the ages are of students you'll be bringing. Our childcare team will check-in your students in the morning, collect some basic info about each kid and get a cell number from you in case you are needed during the event. You will receive an ID badge that must be shown to check-out your kids. Childcare is NOT provided during the lunch break (because kids are picky eaters and pretty messy). 

Our children's area is designed for lots of movement and creativity. We also have a great outdoor play area, weather permitting. 

(All SFPC staff working with children have been background checked and have age appropriate childcare training.)

[Q] Dr. Jensen seems cool - but are we just going to listen to him talk all day?

[A] Sorry, no flashbacks to boring college classes for you! The day will be broken up with plenty of teaching as well as some Q&A time

with Dr. Jensen. 

[Q] What if I come up with a really good question during one of the teaching times?

[A] We've got you covered! You will be able to text in questions that you think of during the teaching time and Dr. Jensen will answer as many as he can during the discussion portions. You don't have to worry about forgetting your question during the coffee break. 

Have any other questions? Click on the "more info" in the previous panel to email Sarah (she has all the answers) with any questions you have and we'll get back to you! If they're great, they may even make it on here for others to enjoy! 


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for the Modern Marriage Workshop. 

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