Mission Partners

  • Julie Gertenrich

    Salem Area Young Life Co-Director

    Julie has had a passion for Christ and kids for over 25 years, serving

    as our Youth Director for 15 years and a church partner with Young

    Life, she is now Co-Area Director of Salem Young Life. In this role,

    she recruits, trains and retains 75-100 volunteer leaders who share

    the love of Christ with kids who might never darken the door of a

    church service. Young Life serves students in 6 high schools, 3

    middle schools, and also serves teen moms at Barbara Roberts Teen Moms

    campus. She is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary.

  • Judy Chan

    PCUSA Mission Co-Worker: Hong Kong, China

    Judy serves as Executive Secretary for Communications for the Hong Hong Christian Council. She works in ecumenical broadcast production ministry as well as editor for English language publications.  She also works in the area of environmental advocacy through the  Hong Kong Christians for Eco-Concern Network.

  • Family Promise

    In partnership with Family Promise, we provide emergency housing and hospitality to homeless families and keep them together in a time of crisis. We assist families during temporary periods of homelessness, encourage them to create an achievable vision and develop a strong foundation for self-sufficiency.

  • Salem leadership Foundation

    SFPC has supported the community networking and resourcing work of SLF for several years. In 2018 we partnered with them in a more formal way by become a CaN Center. CaN stands for churches serving as neighborhood centers. SLF has enhance the work we were already doing in the areas of serving refugees, the home/houseless, and partnering with local organizations who serve needs in our city through granting funds to expand the reach of these ministries.  

    SLF believes Salem-Keizer will become the healthiest community in Oregon, truly the City of Shalom. We engage People of Faith and People of Goodwill to transform the community, neighborhood by neighborhood. We Build Bridges among Stakeholders: people, churches, schools, agencies, cultures, business, non-profits, and neighborhoods. Anyone, Anywhere, Anyhow.

    Together, we plow the ground; set the table; open doors; make matches; and prevent train wrecks.

    Together, we help the Body of Christ practice the sacred art of Servanthood. We sing the praises of other organizations, initiatives, and causes. We leverage resources and get bang for the buck: great R.O.I. ! We believe in “City-as-Neighborhood,” i.e. smaller cohesive geographies, and neighbors helping neighbors. We support “Churches as Neighborhood (CaN) Centers.” We use “Lightning Rods” to get the job done.

    One person can impact a life. 

    Together we can transform the City.

  • Presbyterian Disaster assistance

    Presbyterian Disaster Assistance enables congregations and mission partners of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crises and catastrophic events.

    SFPC sends Disaster Recovery teams to the various location around the country that have experienced disaster situations. We work alongside people, assisting in rebuilding their lives, restoring their hope, and expressing the extraordinary love of Jesus in practical ways.

Short term mission Adventures

  • Out of the Ashes: Bastrop County, Texas 2013

    Our team served the needs of those in Bastrop County, Texas who lost everything in one of the largest wildfires in the United States. We put our carpentry to skills to work in putting on a deck with handicap access to a home that FEMA had left unfinished as well as clearing out storage containers of donated supplies in partnership with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Faith Village Recovery Center.

  • Waves of mercy: Queens, New york 2013

    Our team served the needs of those who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy in New York City.  We worked with an elementary school on playground clean up and a flooded out church with demolition and mold abatement treatments in partnership with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and World Cares Volunteer Center.

  • Hidden Treasures Foster Village: China 2014

    This area under construction

  • Out of the ashes 2.o: Pateros, Washington 2015

    Our team served the needs of those in North Central Washington who lost everything in the wildfires of 2014.  We worked on hanging drywall in two homes in partnership with the Carlton Complex Long Term Recovery Group and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.