This year there will be a quick registration process for the egg hunts. You can pre-register online or just show up a few minutes early and we'll get you all set up.


To help us track how many kids will be in each egg hunt & be able to split the groups that get too big. Our goal is that no kids leave the egg hunt empty handed.





Egg hunt times will be flexible this year so that we can be sure to make each egg hunt safe and fun! 

Each age group will be split into three smaller groups. Make sure you are near the hunt area around the time of your child's hunt to make sure you don't miss out. 




At EASTERPALOOZA we realize that waking up on a Saturday morning can be hard. That's why we're going to provide breakfast, just for you! No need to wake up extra early to make yourself pancakes, we've got you covered! Starting at 10:00am we'll have breakfast ready for you to dig right in! 

We also know that a lot of people have tummies that don't get along very well with certain foods! We don't want this to be a barrier for you to be able to come and enjoy a great day so we have a dedicated ALLERGY FREE station set up and run by a handful of people with tummies who understand! If you need pancakes with a little extra love we'll make them fresh to order in the allergy free tent! Head on over and tell them what you need, and feel free to read all the labels! 


Our goal each year at EASTERPALOOZA is to provide a fun experience for the entire family. Don't just come for your egg hunt time, but come enjoy the

whole "PALOOZA"! 

We will have carnival games where you can win prizes, bounce houses, and play areas set up and ready for you to enjoy! And don't forget the best part, IT'S ALL FREE!!

We know the big kids can get pretty excited at EASTERPALOOZA, and that sometimes it's hard to have fun when you're still little. We will have a designated area for kids 4 & under with their very own bounce house, ball pit, & slides! Egg hunt bracelets will be used to access the KidZone!


[Q] What are the EASTERPALOOZA egg hunt guidelines? 

For the safety of ALL the children at EASTERPALOOZA we please ask that you follow these guidelines to help our staff keep things running smoothly. 

1. Kids age 0-4yrs may have ONE PARENT with them in the egg hunt area. 

For all other egg hunts parents can watch and cheer from outside the fenced area.

2. Each kid will get a color coded wristband for their egg hunt - they MUST HAVE their wristband to enter. If you have a kid 4&under one adult will also get a bracelet. The adult MUST be wearing the wristband to enter as well. 


3. If a student misses their egg hunt, or wishes to join a sibling or friend they may move by ONE age group only. Check in at the Registration table if your egg hunt was missed.

[Q] How early is TOO early to show up for the fun!

[A] Registration will open at 9:45am, breakfast starts at 10:00am with all the rest of the fun. If you show up before 10:00am please remember that we are doing all we can to get things ready for the fun!

[Q] Where can I park? 

[A] There is a small parking lot behind the church, but your best bet will be to look for a spot on a nearby street. Remember to leave some extra time to find parking so that you're not late for your egg hunt! 

[Q] There has to be some catch, this can't REALLY all be free, is it?

[A] Believe it or not, it's true! At SFPC we strongly believe in BARRIER FREE FUN. There should be no reason why you can't come and join the fun! So invite your all your friends and lets have a party!