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Stewardship 2024/2025

  • by Tim Nissen, Elder and Stewardship Co-Chair

Our theme this year is, “Rooted in Relationships: Growing together in Faith and Service.” Pastor Greg delivered three memorable sermons tied to this theme. We also heard from members Rachael Alexander, Marilyn Webb and Mitch Gee about their experiences with our Church and their relationships here. Thanks to each of them for being willing to speak to us.

Last year we received 81 pledges totaling $365,998. This year, as I write this (Thursday, May 23), we have received 45 renewals totaling $239,867. Of note, 22 members increased their pledge, 21 renewed at last year’s level, and 2 decreased their pledge slightly. We have also received seven new pledges totaling $7,515. Of the 36 members we have not heard from, two are deceased, one is very ill, and one has moved away. We will be following up with those 32 “not-yets” with letters and e-mails and personal contacts. If you are amongst those 32, please respond as generously as you can.

We have a number of members who make contributions, but not a pledge. These contributions are welcome and after all, a dollar in contributions covers expenses just as well as a dollar in pledges. However, a pledge, by which we mean a reasonable commitment to a specific amount, allows us to budget with much greater accuracy and so we hope that those who contribute will consider making a pledge this year.

You can make a pledge any time, but the budget is developed in June and approved in July for the 2024/2025 operating year (July 1 to June 30). You can do so by returning a pledge card to the church office, or going online.