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From the Pastor’s Office: May 2024

  • by Rev. Dr. Greg Bolt

I’m pretty excited about this summer. For the entire summer, from Sunday, June 2, to Sunday, August 25, we will be Choosing Faith. Our world is filled with voices telling us what to believe and how to believe about God, Jesus, the church, our neighbors and sometimes those voices do not seem to sit well. They do not connect what we feel or know to be true about our relationship with God, the church, or our neighbors. Sometimes it causes us to throw up our hands and give up.

This summer, inspired by the new book “Everything Good About God is True: Choosing Faith” by former Presbyterian Church Moderator, Rev. Bruce Reyes Chow, we will have the opportunity to think about and articulate what it is you actually believe, today. From his website:

You know what you don’t believe: about the Bible, the church, and God. You don’t agree with the doctrines of an exclusionary, dominant Christianity. But what if someone asked you: “What do you believe?” In this primer on progressive, expansive, generous Christianity, writer and pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow helps us reconsider–or consider for the first time–what it means to choose faith. What if we could articulate the gospel of love, kindness, humility, and justice? What if the Christian narrative both embraces contradiction and lays claim to deep, historic truths? And what if everything good about God is actually true?

Our Sunday worship services will be inspired by this idea. The chapel will be become a space of prayer and contemplation during the service and during office hours during the week. We will have groups meeting Mondays at noon, Wednesdays at six, and a monthly meeting on the third Thursday in the community, to discuss the questions asked in the book and your journey through this process.

In conjunction with Westminster Presbyterian Church, author Bruce Reyes Chow will be here August 10 and 11 to lead a workshop on Saturday, preach at SFPC on Sunday, and lead our Second Sunday Sit-down following service.

As we continue to build relationships, let us get back in touch with our faith, what it is we believe, and who we are becoming.

Copies of the book are available in the church office, or at the welcome center on Sunday mornings.