Sundays @ Salem First

Faith & Action  //  9am

Join us every Sunday for an hour of focused education for people of all ages. Ranging from topics of spiritual formation, evangelicalism, who is God, moving from passive to active faith, and so much more, this hour is planned for those who want to have conversations and questions with likeminded people. NextGen will offer classes for youth while our Minister of Discipleship and Mission, Rob, facilitates the class for those High School aged and up.

Sunday Celebration //  10:30am

Where we all come together to worship as one and celebrate our God. We combine worship styles and formats from traditional, contemporary, and non-traditional backgrounds to engage with who God is in a unique way each and every Sunday.

WHERE TO find us

We're located in the heart of downtown Salem across from the Capitol Building. Visit us on Sunday morning for worship or during the week.  


770 Chemeketa St. NE

Salem OR, 97301

PHONE  //  503.363.9234


OFFICE HOURS  //  M-F 10:00am - 4:00pm

Who We are


We believe scripture calls us to embody the two great commandments: to love God and to love your neighbors as yourself. We understand the word neighbor, used in this context, to mean humanity without division or subjugation. We are grateful for the rich diversity of our human family. For this reason, we reject divisive, fear-driven voices of intolerance. Further, we offer our concern for the safety and wellbeing of all our neighbors, near and far, irrespective of faith, race or any characteristics by which some might attempt to devalue them. To this end, we extend our hands of friendship, in a spirit of respect and compassion to all, and hope and pray that followers of all faiths will embrace their own beliefs and traditions of tolerance and good will toward all.


We are a full inclusion community of ordinary people experiencing and embodying God's extraordinary love. 


A Christ centered listening learning community, embracing and accepting everyone, engaging the needs of our city, seeking ways to see, know, care for, and empower our neighbors as we welcome them home.